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Architecture Based on Sound Principles

“Joel Sanders and Karen Van Lengen should run for office. They’re two of few leaders we can think of who practice what they preach.”

(from UVA Today)

So says a new article about the architects in the magazine Interior Design. EAR Studio agrees! Sanders and Van Lengen’s new Sound Lounge at the University of Virginia School of Architecture’s Campbell Hall plays with and into the increasing tendency toward public withdrawal facilitated by devices such as iPods. Now students can share private soundscapes in public, using specials sorts of sound booths situated throughout the common space of the building. You can read more in Interior Design or on Sanders’ website.

Ben collaborated with Sanders and Van Lengen  in 2006 on Mix House for the Open House: Intelligent Living by Design show at the Vitra Design Museum, Art Center, LA. Check out Mix House for another great example of thoughtfully and playfully sound building.


Great New Photography Show at the Storefront for Art and Architecture

Ben stopped in at the Storefront for Art and Architecture on his way to lunch today (Hoomoos Asli – amazing falafel!) and checked out the new show that just opened on Tuesday. He says the exhibit is excellent and well worth checking out. The show, Refuge, Five Cities, is an exhibition of work by Bas Princen that,

…could be described as a photographic fiction of sorts. Although it is the result of extensive travels and research in five cities of the Middle East and Turkey – Istanbul, Beirut, Amman, Cairo and Dubai – it could just as easily pass as the pictorial record of a drive through a single, imaginary city: a city without a center, populated by extraordinary and at times implausible architectural artifacts; an urban laboratory whose physical traits are defined by migratory flows, spatial transformation and geopolitical flux on a continental scale.
(From the Press Release)

Refuge, Five Cities will be up until June 26, 2010. To read more about it and to find out how and when you can see the show yourself, please take a look at Storefront’s website.