Founded in 1993 by artist Ben Rubin, EAR Studio is the base of operations for Rubin’s research, art, and sound design projects.

Artwork Production
EAR Studio has managed the development, fabrication, and architectural coordination of all of Ben Rubin’s large-scale art installations, including Listening Post, San Jose Semaphore, Moveable Type, and Beacon. The studio’s capabilities include digital modeling and animated pre-visualization, audiovisual systems engineering, preparation of construction documents, and oversight of fabrication and installation.

Sound Design
EAR Studio has designed audible user interfaces for Hewlett Packard (the current generation of PhotoSmart printers), as well as for EES surgical instruments, AOL, and other clients. EAR has also designed sound environments and soundtracks for numerous exhibitions, film projects, and plays. EAR has also produced award-wining segments for numerous radio programs, including Radiolab, Studio360, and The Next Big Thing.

EAR Studio provides technical and creative services to architects, designers, artists, curators,cultural institutions, and corporate clients. Our areas of expertise include acoustics, projection, media control systems, audible interface design, and lighting.

Key studio personnel include director Ben Rubin, architect Michele Gorman, and statistician Mark Hansen, who has been the principal collaborator on major projects since 1999.

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